Not sure whether to start with Aesop B or Homer

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Not sure whether to start with Aesop B or Homer

Postby Saddlemomma » Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:48 am

Hi! I'm new to the boards and this curriculum, but I like what I see. My DD is a rising 6th grader and absolutely hates writing. She will do fine with creative writing, but when it comes to reports or narratives, she just freezes up; mostly because she just doesn't like to do them. I've tried several writing programs with no success. Yet, just this year she wrote a short play which is now in production with our local children's theater group. It is going to be performed in 2 weeks. I'm just baffled.

We have done some minor outlining, and we've been working on narrations of US History readings this last semester. She did manage to write a fairly good short report on Ben Franklin. She really liked reading about him and had absolutely no problem banging out her report without the usual stress. She even did it without the assistance of any books, just memory alone.

She also started Latin this year with Latina Christiana accompanied by their Grammar Recitation program which corresponds to LC. She loves both of these programs; we will continue with them, moving on to First Form Latin. I've also purchased the first 30 lessons of Video Latin to supplement with FF. In addition, for the last several weeks I've been using Sentence Composing for Middle School and their sentence chunking exercises. She has fun with these as well. She has also been doing a set of IEW Fix-It Grammar exercises from the Tom Sawyer book over the year, and some R&S exercises when they fit in with the Grammar Recitation program. (I have never used IEW TWSS with DD. I was afraid it would throw her over the edge.) I've also been rotating in Diagramming with the Scriptures, so DD is quite familiar with diagramming sentences.

Anyway, considering all of this, I'm at a loss as to where to place her with your program. I realize you suggest she should start with Aesop B, but I'm worried there will be a lot of repetition of last year. Not that that's a bad thing, but I don't want her to get bored. That would kill any chance of her enjoying your program. On the other hand, I don't want to overwhelm her with Homer if you feel that would be too much of a leap. I would really appreciate your opinion in this regard. Oh, she has really enjoyed learning more about poetry this year as well, so I plan to also purchase your beginning poetry curriculum. I don't know if that will make a difference in your analysis or not. Thanks for your time.
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Re: Not sure whether to start with Aesop B or Homer

Postby admin » Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:58 pm

Sounds like you have a tough situation on your hands. She freezes up if she does not like it, and you do not want her to be bored. How to walk that fine line between too hard and too easy. I don't think that question can be answered but by your daughter as she does one thing or the other.
I would start in Aesop B. If it is too easy, do two lessons per week or skip over material she knows already, and breeze through that. There is beginning diagramming in there which she may or may not know.

To me, the bigger issue here is 'who is in control?'. I understand the concept of not forcing children or making them do things they dislike, but at some level (and now may be as good a time as any) she would need to learn that we all have to do tasks that we do not like. Not constantly, and not everything thrown at her should be distasteful, but as Libanius says * the root of education is bitter but its fruit is sweet*.

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Re: Not sure whether to start with Aesop B or Homer

Postby Saddlemomma » Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:04 am

Thanks Lene.

I think you're right. We'll start with Aesop B and see how she does. I can always bump her up if necessary.

I know what you mean by control. She's also hit puberty and is riding that emotional roller coaster.

+This last semester I started requiring the narrations be done regardless of whether she likes them or not. DH is our principal (he works from home) and consistently reinforces my standards. If she didn't finish them during the week, then she had homework all weekend. She soon discovered that piling them up for the weekend wasn't a good idea. So, while she grumbles, they still get done. I also make her rewrite them if they're not up to my standards based upon what I requested. I know she rewrote her Francis Marion narration three times because she never included anything about his experience in the swamp! In fact, you never would have known why he was called the Swamp Fox!

Anyway, thank you for your time and the recommendation.
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