Grammar Program? And spelling recommendation...

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Grammar Program? And spelling recommendation...

Postby thehickeys98 » Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:06 pm

Hi all,
We're starting our 4th grader in Aesop A this summer and our 2nd grader in the Primer series. I am going through the tutorial in August, but am purchasing things this week. Here is my question - our 4th grader is in a co-op 1x per week and will be taught a grammar class and IEW writing class (We signed him up for this before I learned of CW! But I figure it will all work together nicely and it's only 1x per week). The teacher has asked us to choose whatever grammar program we want and have the student bring their grammar book to class. My question is - if we are doing CW at home, does that mean we don't have to have a separate grammar program? Is CW his grammar and writing program together?

And, can anyone recommend a spelling program that works for a large family? We really haven't done much formal spelling and need to get on the ball with that. :)

Thanks so much and we are excited to start CW!

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Re: Grammar Program? And spelling recommendation...

Postby admin » Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:30 pm

CW does not require a separate grammar program for Aesop and 4th grade. In 5th grade we incorporate your grammar program of choice into the Homer work. We do recommend Harvey's Elementary Grammar as our top choice for a grammar program, and Kathy Weitz has created workbooks for Harvey's which make it a very easy program to use.

As for spelling, it has been years, since my kids are all teens. But we liked Spelling Work Out as an easy way to have everyone spelling at his or her own level.

I personally recommend Spelling Power as one of my favorites that targets words your student struggles with: ... 1888827130 or Spelling Work Out ... 1888827130 ... Mind you, those are what I used years ago with my students (and I don't get any benefits from recommending them), but there is much more out there than when I taught the early grades years ago.

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